i like cum down my throat

cravings eating away at me right now

Is your ass nice and tight? Cause it looks like it :P

so you judged that based on what

gang rape?


having massive rape fantasies rn

hey where are you from

that is irrelevant to you tbh

porn is blocked from my broadband provider thanks to cameron so it’s going to be hard for me to post here very often

i’m too horny to not be watching porn


i have been cumming to this vid for the past 3/4 days

good lord, i would love to use you, make you choke, feel you gag and puke on my cock as i pulled your hair and spat in your face. Hope you update this blog a bit more - love reading about your adventures

thank you :)

Hello shady , a woman who knows her place. Wants to be tied up have pain inflicted on her...

idk about “knows her place”

that doesn’t sound like me